Demand for Mid-Sized and Small Warehouses on the Rise in Kolkata: Warehousing Express

Demand for Mid-Sized and Small Warehouses on the Rise in Kolkata: Warehousing Express

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Demand for Mid-Sized and Small Warehouses on the Rise in Kolkata: Warehousing Express

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Post Date/Time:- 23 Feb 2022 at 15:59:14

The mid-sized and smaller warehouse space in central Kolkata has reached a tipping point, both in terms of demand and supply. As such, it is essential that new developers, looking at the opportunities for medium to long-term investments, are conscious of the market dynamics before entering into any project. Warehousing Express aim to address the concerns around lease rentals and deliver excellent customer service, while maintaining a solid execution track record and defying market forces of supply and demand.

Mr.Gurjeet Singh, General Manager of Warehousing Express and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Said

We have expanded its footprint in Kolkata and happy to announce that we have been growing in areas like Kolkata. Our Warehouse in Kolkata offering mid-sized, single store, small, affordable self-contained warehouse facilities. We are one of the leading service provider in Kolkata today and a recognized name in warehousing, with unique track records of delivery.

We designed our current warehouse facilities with four square meters units to cater to the demand for rent-yielding self-contained facilities, since a majority of retailers in the region are still unaware about the utility of mid-size warehouse facilities. We are now also creating a dedicated neighborhood with single, small and affordable warehouses in close proximity to some of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers in the region, so as to ensure that warehouse operators who prefer to run multi-story facilities with increased rent expectations are able to provide a location that caters to the requirement of tenants seeking for such facilities.

One of our newest facility located at complete address, Kolkata, is a 105-sqm self-contained warehouse facility, with capacity of 12,000 stock keeping units. We launched this facility, and several others similar to it across the city, with effect from April this year. The space is at par with the competition in Kolkata.

The capital markets in the country have registered growth in the year 2020 and in the first half of 2021. With a great revival in demand for warehousing space, we expect healthy demand to continue in the near term. However, it will be a challenging proposition for developers like us, as cost of land is getting increasingly expensive in the region, especially in the larger cities.

In our last two warehouse space, at Gurgaon and Bangalore, we have chosen to experiment with newer, innovative designs, especially in terms of construction and fittings. We are considering a design where we have increased the size of a single-storey, single-use storage facility from the existing 56 meters to 62 meters. This enables us to set up storage to cater to the storage requirements of larger companies, like Amazon.

About Warehousing Express:

Warehousing Express is a leading warehouse & logistics company having its presence in 30+ cities. We have custom made 3PL Warehouse & Logistics solutions for all line of business. We offer all types of warehouse, logistics, and distribution & transportation services. All our warehouses are fully secured and technology enabled.


Bangalore as its new fulfillment center
23 Feb 2022

Warehousing Express chooses Bangalore as its new fulfillment center

Considering the added services and demands of increasing clients, Warehousing Express has chosen The Silicon Valley of India as its second fulfillment center. The organization is continuously dealing with excellent support from new clients and hence, the inventory stock now needs to explore across the boundaries of NCR. Moreover, Warehousing Industry in Bangalore is also going through with new scope of growth and success and hence, the organization called for this strategic decision to fulfill the increasing demands. The leading provider of Omni channel logistical services is now going to outgrow its current capacity by establishing this new center in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Considered as the nation's fastest growing tech city, Bangalore is the perfect place for the growth of e-commerce sector and Warehousing Express has chosen it to deliver south Indians their valuable services which are renowned as the best in the industry.

New Ideas and Innovations with the new Fulfillment Center

The organization has decided to keep up their pace with the growing demands regarding more office space for its customer service. This regional office will serve as a main branch of the organization and can easily handle IT, software, business development and will ease the procedure of storing goods. With this idea, the company is looking forward to implementing new ideologies and innovations which will allow Warehousing Express an unexpected future growth. Bangalore is known as the biggest hub for IT professionals and hence, all the services that the organization provides can easily be delivered to youngsters looking forward to settling down in the city.

Ease of Digital Tools for Professionals

Bangalore as the new fulfillment center for Warehousing Express is a complete solution for IT professionals. As the organization is linking all its warehouses to provide seamless connectivity of transportation, a new hope of business growth can be assured to all types of organizations that are connected with different types of business needs with the warehousing sector. Equipped with all major facilities, the new fulfillment center in Bangalore can be considered as one of the biggest centers in the nation for providing On-demand Warehouse service, Warehouse on rent/hire, 3PL services, distribution services, warehouse management services, outsourcing operations, transportation and a lot more. IT professionals can incur direct benefits from all these operations.

The New Centre can manage any size requirement

For the growth of all types of businesses in Bangalore, the newly launched fulfillment center holds the capacity of providing as much size of Warehouse needed by the client as per his requirements starts with a minimum range starts from 500 sq. ft. area. The management has special ideas to grow business here and hence, the future plans include smoothening the connectivity by linking warehouses with each other. Bangalore center can also be considered as special as it is a smart warehouse and is designed to stimulate and streamline the entire e-commerce warehouse process. It can also automate the maximum amount of storage and safety procedures here are also equipped with the latest technologies and digital procedures like drones, high-quality CCTV cameras etc.

Shipping speed is extremely important for only shoppers and Warehousing Express' new Bangalore center is a complete solution for such clients to leave all their tensions and just think about new ideas to grow their business. This will also improve inventory management by replacing the danger of human error as there is no place here for manual process management and everything will be monitored with digital technology. Providing faster shipping is the major goal behind establishing this fulfillment center. All types of businesses must try this change to devote more time to marketing and grow their e-commerce store with exceptional growth in revenue.

Safety Measures help Warehousing
23 Feb 2022

New Safety Measures help Warehousing Express to overcome the Impact of COVID-19

Warehousing Express, one of the globally leading and innovative providers of digital, automation and technological services is comprehensively leaving behind all its competitors in the industry today. During this massive situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the leading brand is improvising the latest ideologies and is successfully maintaining its high status in the heart of its customers. By applying new and safe measures to process high-quality services to all clients, the organization is setting amazing goals for itself. When all sectors are going through severe setbacks, the organization has adopted numerous guidelines in the field of storage and demand and has remarkably revealed a complete solution to deliver the best services to clients.

Improved Logistics Services

Where the whole world is facing the recession and consequences of this epidemic today, Warehousing Express is inventing new ways of progress every day. Whether it is the best use of digital appliances in the technology sector or excellent quality automation parts, Warehousing Express has matched all expectations of customers. In the Logistics field, the organization is providing uninterrupted services with complete dedication round-the-clock.
Matching High-Order Demands with norms of Social Distancing

Professionals have preferred to work from home during the lockdown. Multinational companies are also offering them good facilities so that their employees can stay safe at home and their workflow may not get affected too. In these conditions, high-quality digital services are required with interrupted and faster internet connections. All clients of Warehousing Express feel relaxed during the tough period of lockdown as the company has successfully managed high-order demands by following all the necessary steps of social distancing. During this period, the demands were extremely high for warehousing logistics but the skill with which Warehouse Express has managed these ever-increasing demands during this period and did not let any problems arise by giving excellent service to each and every one of its customers is commendable.

Picking Excellent Product Slotting Strategies

Surviving during this pandemic is itself a very difficult job to do in itself, but the way the company not only survived but also set new standards of growth for itself is a brilliant example for everyone. Warehousing Express knows completely well about plans and their thoughts are very clear about customer satisfaction. Growth always depends on how you are managing problems and what strategies are you applying to replicate the issues of customers. Hence, in this segment, the organization has acquired amazing strategies for product slotting. Rapid teams of youngsters had gone through with all challenges and resulting in providing remarkable and on-time services with no-lags and interruptions in digital, warehousing, logistics, supply and demand. Superb quality and upgraded 3PL services and highly advanced Omni channel equipment have made customers really satisfied with the quality, assurance and strategies of the organization.

Adjustments in Processes and Picking Strategies

COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the entire chain of demand and supply across the globe. Even warehousing firms are not untouched by this horrible situation. But with the supervision of skilled and professional team members and with the exceptional upgradation in digital and technological department, Warehousing Express has proved itself to be the most different, the most unique and the most excellent and has shown that if the spirits and morales are high and the passion to win is there nothing to achieve is impossible. The firm not just manage the abundance of inventory when demands were gone during the lockdown but it also implements scalable processes to manage unpredicted demand while everything opened up and we enter into the period of new normal. This dedication and strategic planning by the management and other experts has completed ruled out the challenge of the pandemic situation and has set new benchmarks of growth for Warehousing Express.

New IOT based Digital Platform
23 Feb 2022

The Revolutionary New IOT based Digital Platform by Warehousing Express

The reputed logistics and warehousing company Warehousing Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is continuously producing the finest quality 3PL and Contract Logistics Services in the industry for more than 25 years. Its excellent services have made an indelible mark on its customers. This is one of the fastest-growing Warehousing Companies in the nation today. The newly launched and revolutionary IOT based digital platform has brought up an incredible speed in order picking & processing concept of the company. Recent figures of rapid growth in order picking have left behind all the other close competitors and the speed at which the company is progressing is astonishing. Safety measures have been improved a lot and great supervision of experienced team leaders has made the order picking process quite ergonomic, flexible, safe and faster. Several new features have brought the concept quality up to the next level and the load capacity crosses over the double mark.

Get Connected to Digital World with Logistics Tech Systems

The aim of the organization is to provide the best services to all its customers. To achieve this goal, the company has an experienced team of IT professionals who better know how to deal with the 21st century digital problems of the client. Hence, they are ready 24*7 to provide all types of latest technologies with upgraded systems, applications, Live Logistics Tech-Systems, value-added services. In this segment, numerous value added services are available like IP based CCTV cameras, Intrusion Alarms at all facilities, Automated eMHEs. The top-quality tech systems can deliver auto-generated reports and value-added services include RF security tags, Barcode scanning, MRP printing etc.

Significance of Any Logic Simulation and Modeling Software

Warehousing Logistics Pvt. Ltd. thinks equal for every client. They never ignore anyone's issue and hence, they regularly improve their services, quality and order-picking speed. Industrial engineering operations require mathematical models but with several pros, they can't capture unexpected dynamics. The company has rapidly found a perfect solution for this issue in the form of Agent Based Modeling (ABM) technique with Any Logic Simulation and Modeling software. This revolutionary technique interacts with abstractions of distributed autonomous entities can help to capture work time allocation, congestion wait time, cycle times and other useful metrics.

What are IOT Platforms?

IOT means Internet of Things and it usually works with tech devices that work remotely and can function seamlessly for the ease of various types of operations. By building the next generation digital workforce with a digital colleague, Warehousing Logistics Pvt. Ltd has set a benchmark for other competitors in the industry. The new IOT based digital platform formed by the organization can easily allow developers to form and spread applications accordingly and can also remotely collect all the required data.

Warehousing Logistics' IOT platform is a revolution in the digital world and this is capable of providing incredible significance in the field of order picking, processing concept, data storage, device management and so on. It also improves the quality of connectivity through various devices and ensures the developers with an uninterrupted flow of communication through various channels between different types of devices.

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